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The music industry has gone through some major changes over the last several years. More and more artists, writers, producers, engineers, label executives and music lovers in general have grown dissatisfied with the status quo. There are more and more independent labels surfacing each month trying to serve the individual desires of the people directly involved with the production of music.

His Heart Music was born out of that same desire. When the artist has inspiration that expresses the deepest things within, profit, marketability and radio playability are not first priority. And sometimes they are never part of the equation at all. But when God puts something on the hearts of psalmists, worshipers or musicians, the means of expression are sometimes very limited. Commercialization has become the only route for most that know of no other way.

We are purposing to bring together those like minded individuals from the recording industry that can facilitate production, art, distribution, law, and work from the common bond of Christ’s love for us. Those who want to share His love through our music and in the process draw us all closer to Him in fellowship with one mind and one purpose in the body of Christ.

We at His Heart Music understand that in order to share the desires of God’s Heart there must be a commitment to His desires and His will. As servants of Christ, we are striving daily to grow more intimate with Him so as to one day be invited in to His fellowship as “friends”. As Bob Sorge teaches in his book “The Fire of God’s Love”, servants, who have given up their lives to serve, have not yet come to know the masters full and complete plan; they are reactionary to the Masters wishes. Whereas, the purposes of His heart, the things He will accomplish, are shared with His close and intimate friends. In no way do we presume to call ourselves “friends of God” for only He can affirm that honor. We are striving to wait patiently on the Lord to learn of His purpose and desire for worship in these last days.

Here in Tucson, Arizona, His Heart Music is teaming up with state of the art production facilities and personnel for the express purpose of mentoring and developing young artists in there pursuit of God and His Desires for them; all the while putting them together with experienced song writers, singers, psalmist, musicians, worship leaders, and engineers from around the entire scope of the recording industry.

If you have seen yourself as wanting to be a part of a ministry like ours, please contact us here at His Heart Music. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)


Doug Jones

His Heart Music LLC