The River
Come Away


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The River
Out of Print

Morris Chapman samples:
1) The River
2) Softly and Tenderly
3) Abba Father
4) Have Thine Own Way
5) Jeremiah Medley

Karry Godwin Samples:
1) Holy Holy Holy
2) 'Tis So Sweet
3) Jesus Loves Me
4) In The Garden
5) Amazing Grace


The RiverProduced by Morris Chapman, Karry Godwin and Doug Jones

Executive Producers - Doug and Debbie Jones for His Heart Music

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Sonsong Studios, Las Vegas, NV by Thomas "T-Bone" Demman

Assisted by Benjamin Demman

Additional Recording and Mix-Engineering by Doug Jones at His Heart Music, Tucson, AZ

Photos by Richard Stewart Photography, Augusta, Georgia

Art Work by Dan Hess & Kevin Hamil, DeepSee Studios, Pensacola, FL

Manufactured by MMS of Toronto, Canada

All Music and Arrangements Published by His Heart Publishing ©2004

Liner Notes - Karry

Karry GodwinI am filled with gratitude as I rehearse the events leading up to the conception and delivery of this project.

To Morris Chapman; I am grateful our paths converged some years ago. Your forward thinking, faith, determination, friendship and incredible generosity have provided the momentum that facilitated the "capturing" of this moment.

To Doug Jones; a new found friend, thank you; your great ears, insight, gentle spirit and sense of humor have enriched me.

To T-bone: My fellow "twanger", thank you for your tireless energy, skill and patience.

Oh yes, Monte, thank you for new found inspiration!

Finally, to my soul-mate Pam, you are priceless!!!

It is my most sincere wish that you, the listener, will be captured by "this moment" and drink your fill from the cool, clear refreshment of our Lord's river of life.

Your fellow worshiper,

Karry Godwin

" everything will live where the river goes." Ezekiel 47:9

Liner Notes - Morris

Morris ChapmanThank you, Father God, for the gift of music and friendship. Everyone connected to "The River" are truly the best of friends. May You be praised, worshiped and adored as we play our instruments for Your Glory! And may You cause many lives to be encouraged, strengthened and refreshed as we enter into Your presence.

Thanks to my family and many friends for your continual prayers and support. My love for you grows deeper every day.

Thanks to Doug and Debbie Jones, Karry and Pam Godwin, Thomas "T-BONE" Demman and all who contributed to this project, may you be richly rewarded for your labor of love.

Thanks to Bob Sorge whose books, especially "Following the River", provided the inspiration.

Thanks also to the Wesley United Methodist Church of Evans, GA.

Morris ChapmanAnd the beautiful birds, (recorded by the former Northwood Press) for hiding my sniffles on some of the tracks. (Smiles)

May all of creation praise You, Oh Lord, and may we always follow "The River".

Worship Him Always,

Morris Chapman

Liner Notes - Doug

When the first ripples of water roll onto your feet, there is that cool feeling that makes your pulse race, and then a peace wells up within you that you've arrived at that long desired destination. For all your time and toil spent searching for just a small drop of relief and refreshing, you have finally found your source, our Father and His precious Son.

Ezekiel was shown a River flowing from the Temple that gave life everywhere it flowed. John saw a River flowing from the Throne of God through the streets of the New Jerusalem bringing healing to the nations. This is not a River you can cross. This River is The One to get swept into its current and be immersed in its life giving flow.

This project was the product of years of God preparing the hearts of two men, who have found where He desires us all to come and find sweet refuge. The music you hear were songs inspired by personal worship, recorded in a studio setting, without the pretence of capturing or working toward the perfect recording. Instruments were tuned, microphones were placed and recorders turned on. But what was recorded was a spontaneous performance by two worshipers, bearing their gifts in the presence of the Lord, to the Lord. There were no sheets of music, no chord charts, just prayer and a long list of favorite hymns and original songs played from the heart, to the heart, of God.

While you listen to these songs of worship, we invite you to join in with us and begin to move ever deeper into The River. Open your Bible, follow the scripture references, and begin to discover the depths of God and His great provision for you and me.

The wilderness is closing in,
My heart is weary.
The desert is consuming,
Where is my refreshing, my hope?
"Hush! Listen closely.
Can you feel the River?
I'm drawing you near."
My Lord, my Love
Is drawing me to drink,
To live, in Him, The River.

Doug Jones

His Heart Music